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Tobacco Action Plan

The top 5 priorities

  1. Create One National Campaign: One Logo/Name and Message
  2. Develop Clearinghouse on LGBT Tobacco Efforts
  3. Identify Data Sets for Analysis and Conduct New Research
  4. Enhance Connectivity with Larger Anti-Smoking Organizations
  5. Build Resources for Development Programs and Initiatives

see full action plan (PDF)

Resource Library

  • Factsheet by the National Coalition for LGBT Health

    LGBT smoking rates, reasons, why and cessation.

    download file
  • Gay Teens and Smoking

    Article on Gay Teens and Smoking- statistics, possible reasons why, and media influences - Jeff Constantino

    download file
  • Get the Facts about Tobacco Use in Gay, Lesbian,
    Bisexual & Transgender Communities: Colorado

    Factsheet on smoking rates and associated health problems of the LGBT community.

    download file
  • Legacy LGBT Factsheet

    American Legacy Foundation factsheet on smoking trends and industry targeting to LGBT's- statistics and facts.

    download file
  • LGBT Populations and Tobacco

    The "LGBT Populations and Tobacco 2nd edition" is a PowerPoint presentation designed by the Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium (TTAC) to educate tobacco control professionals who want to expand their knowledge of LGBT populations, provide strategies for incorporating LGBT populations into overall tobacco control efforts, inform LGBT audiences wanting to know more about the dangers of tobacco use and how the tobacco industry targets them, and provide information to help tobacco control professionals and LGBT health organizations build capacity for LGBT tobacco control interventions.

    view link | download file
  • LGBT'S and Tobacco: A Bit of History

    PowerPoint presentation developed by Scout, Ph.D. June 28, 2006. Information on the Tobacco industry's efforts to target gay populations and how to work within a national network.

    download file
  • Mautner Project's Facts about Lesbians and Smoking

    Factsheet about LGBT smoking rates and lesbians in particular.

    download file
  • Reach, Serve, LGBT - Buchting

    LGBT Communities and Tobacco: History, Knowledge Gaps, and Challenges. Presentation by Francisco Buchting. Information on how reserach, education and public policy interact; community knowledge vs. scientific knowledge; research finding milestones for LGBTs; knowledge gaps; examples of tobacco ads and tobacco control; research challenges.

    download file
  • Reaching and Serving Your LGBT Communties - Scout

    Pointing you in the right direction to access data on LGBT's and smoking prevelance: state census findings, steps for the states to take, how to use the LGBT TCN, and how to reach LGBTs.

    download file
  • State LGBT Tobacco Disparities Best Practices

    A compiled list of tested strategies that states have used to address LGBT tobacco disparities. These strategies represent the current best practices available to address LGBT tobacco disparities and we strongly encourage states to adopt as many of these best practices as possible.

    download file
  • Talking Points for GLBT Audiences

    Tobacco Prevention: Suggested Talking Points for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Audiences

    download file
  • Tobacco and the LGBT Community

    American Cancer Society's Brochure on the LGBT Community

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