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2010-03-15: Action Alert: Tell the nat'l health equity plan to be LGBT-inclusive!

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The National Partnership for Action has released a draft proposal on Achieving Health Equity, and wants public comments on the document. Initiated by the Office of Minority Health the National Plan for Action Changing Outcomes lays the foundation for addressing health disparities for affected populations in HHS.

For more information:

Unfortunately, in the 200+ page plan, gender identity is not mentioned at all, and sexual orientation is only mentioned once in the definition above (p.2), and once again in an appendix (p.171). In comparison, other disparity groups are mentioned almost 100 times each.

Please tell them not to make the diverse and rich LGBT communities just a footnote in this major disparity plan!

Comments on the draft plan are being accepted via email until February 12, 2010 through:

Please take a moment to email and say...
"LGBT health disparities are too important to ignore. Please add LGBT communities into the relevant parts of this key health plan."