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2010-03-15: Announcing the new LGBT Smoking Treatment Book- Order a copy here

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The National LGBT Tobacco Control Network in conjunction with Howard Brown Health Center, is happy to debut a new book, How to Run a Culturally Competent LGBT Smoking Treatment Book. This 20-page book distills lessons learned from over 20 LGBT treatment groups run across the country as part of an American Legacy Foundation research project. Information is given on how to set up staffing, do outreach, tailor a curriculum and find other resources. The last chapter of the book adds a bonus, a low-effort recipe to evaluate any tobacco treatment group complete with model evaluation forms. According to Dr. Scout, "It was really frustrating to us as evaluators to realize there were no turnkey evaluations for treatment groups available. So we decided to create one we hope anyone can use because we all deserve to know when we're succeeding." If you would like to order a copy of the book for yourself or your organization, please follow the link above to fill out an order form. For a PDF version, please visit