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2010-03-15: Gay Men's Health Movement Leadership Academy

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SCHOLARSHIPS TO Gay Men's Health Movement Leadership Academy

Once again, the National LGBT Tobacco Control Network is looking to send a fellow activist to participate in more training, networking, and skill building. We woud like to offer 1 scholarship to the Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy taking place from March 21-24, 2008 at the Wildwood Retreat Center, in Guerneville, California.

What is the Leadership Academy you might ask?
This exciting academy is designed to give participants access to cutting-edge thinking about the gay men's health movement in the US and abroad, and to connect community leaders into an international network of gay men's health organizers and activists and will provide you with the skills and support needed to lead pioneering work to improve the health and well being of gay men's communities and subcultures.

The leadership academy is a part of a growing gay men's health movement that has accomplished great things over the past ten years, including:

the birth of new organizations that are shepherding innovative approaches to the broad range of issues faced by gay men's communities and subcultures.

the organizing of a new generation of men and women to fight for gay health and build community nationwide.

the creation of a new model of health promotion, focused on supporting gay men's commitment to one another.

exciting new programs and campaigns to promote the assets of our strong gay communities.

This growing movement requires a new generation of leaders of all ages who are willing to go back to their home communities and lead the fight for innovative strategies, organizing, and programs. With the skills you develop at the Leadership Academy you can become part of a national movement to :

create programs that build upon the strengths and assets of gay men.
toss out shame and fear as central strategies for health promotion.

celebrate the strategies that work!

The academy is open to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities who are seeking to make a difference in the future of gay men's health at the local and national level. For more information visit

So, if you are working on or advocating for LGBT tobacco issues and gay men's health we want you to apply for a scholarship and join the academy this year. There will be opportunities to strategize with your community, participate in trainings with fellow advocates, and network with your peers. Awardees will be asked to lead a smoking-cessation related discussion session during the academy as well as write up a brief summary of their lessons learned.

Scholarship Requirements are:
1. A history of work in tobacco control
3. A history of or current work in LGBT health
4. current valid driver's license - the retreat center is a 1.5 hour drive from San Francisco
5. willingness to facilitate a discussion session about tobacco while at the training

Scholarships will cover, airfare, ground transport, conference registration and room and board for the three days of training. Applicants from underserved populations (low SES, communities of color, etc..) are especially encouraged to apply.
All applications are *** due Wednesday February 27th, by 5 pm EST. ***
Applications will only be accepted by email at with GAY MEN'S HEALTH ACADEMY SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line. To apply, compose email to above address. *Briefly* describe why sending you to the academy will benefit LGBT tobacco activities and what work you are doing or have done in tobacco control and/or LGBT health and state if you are from any underserved population. Decisions will be made by Monday March 3rd.

Good luck and if you know of someone else who should go, pass the news on!

From your source of all the best scholarships all the time, the National LGBT Tobacco Control Network, a project of The Fenway Institute.


Marta Perrupato
Program Manager
The LGBT Tobacco Control Network
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