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2010-03-15: Iowa Money on the Table

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The Iowa Dept. of Public Health, Division of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control just released the Priority Population Network program RFP. We are forming networks for these populations:

African American


Asian American/Pacific Islander

Native American/Alaskan Native


IDPH expects the initial contract period to be a one year term from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 with the possibility of extending an additional 2 years. Award up to $100,000.

Eligible Applicants:

Community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, public health agencies or other non-profit agencies with experience providing services which promote the health and well-being of the specified population to be served are eligible to submit proposals in accordance with this RFP. Additional eligibility requirements which applicants must meet are:

1. A minimum of three years experience providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the specified population to be served,

2. Staff that reflects the culture and language of the population to be served,

3. Demonstrated capacity to serve communities of the specified population to be served wherever members of that population may reside within the state.

Go to this site and click on the Tobacco Use Prevention & Control Priority Population Networks RFP: