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2010-03-15: GLBTs and nicotine - Interview with Dr. Erik Augustson at NIH

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John Craig has conducted an Internet-radio interview with a researcher at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) -- Dr. Erik Augustson.

If you'd like to listen to all or parts of this interview, please see the instructions below.

Dr. Augustson spoke about issues related to behavioral health and nicotine addiction, with a special focus on the high smoking rates in the GLBT community. The dialogue touched issues such as:

-Male and female archetypes in the powerful marketing cigarette companies have produced
- Marlboro Man cowboy
- Virginia Slims "liberated woman"
-Depression as an addictions trigger in various sub-groups, including GLBT youth and adults
-The use of telephone outreach and the Internet in smoking-cessation, the power of electronic outreach
-Spiritual beliefs and practices in addiction treatment

The conversation, recorded, will remain available on the site. To access it:

-Go to
-In the upper search box use key words to find our interview
-For example, enter "Craig Augustson"
-See the show under "On Demand"
-Click to play or download