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2010-03-15: Gates Foundation Releases $100 Million Grant!

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One great idea is all it takes to improve the health of millions
around the world. What is yours?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is now accepting grant proposals
for the Grand Challenges Explorations, a $100 million initiative to
encourage bold and unconventional global health solutions.

Anyone can apply, regardless of your prior experience or institutional
affiliation. Previous winners include graduate students, entrepreneurs
at start-up companies, and creative thinkers from all fields of

Sign up here to receive more information about Grand Challenges
Explorations and other future opportunities.

Proposals are currently being accepted online until November 2, 2009
on the following topics:

Create New Ways to Protect Against Infectious Disease
Create Low-Cost Diagnostics for Priority Global Health Conditions
Create New Ways to Induce and Measure Mucosal Immunity
Create New Technologies for Contraception

Initial grants will be $100,000 each, and projects showing promise
will have the opportunity to receive additional funding of up to $1
million. Full descriptions of topics and application instructions are
available at:

We look forward to receiving innovative ideas from scientists around
the world and from all scientific disciplines. If you don't submit a
proposal yourself, we hope you will forward this message to someone
else who might be interested.

Thank you for your commitment to solving the world's greatest health challenges.