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2010-03-15: Kick the Grim Reaper's Butt Out of the Castro!

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If you care about Big Tobacco’s impact on the LGBT community (which smokes twice as much as the general population), we need you on November 19th to help us “Kick the Grim Reaper’s Butt Out of the Castro!”

We’re gathering at the corner of Castro and Market at 5:30pm that day (which is also the day of the Gay American Smokeout), many of us wearing black clothes and skull makeup to represent the LGBT lives lost to tobacco. We’ll be blocking the Grim Reaper (who will represent Big Tobacco) from reaching the public and, at the end; we will chase him down Castro Street and out of the neighborhood.

Please join us! For more information or to signup, contact Brian with the BUTT OUT! project at or visit