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2010-03-15: Scholarship Available to SNRT in February-Taking Applications for 1 week only!

Now, many of us don't end up going to one of the conferences that has a lot of valuable information about tobacco, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT), because some of it is pretty dry science -- but there's a lot of good information there. So to help make sure we get the latest news without having to sit thru all the presentations.... the National LGBT Tobacco Control Network would like to announce the inaugural Blogging Scholarship to SRNT! If you think you'd be a good person to go to SRNT, and blog about all the latest and greatest you hear about so we can all feel the burn, then --- come on down. The NatNet will pay yr way, guarantee you as much caffeine as you need, and even set you up with some experienced researchers to kinda give you the inside track while you're there. All you have to do is keep a daily blog of the happenings, amuse us, inform us, just don't bore us!

Of cooourrrssseeee -- people from traditionally underrepresented populations are triply encouraged to apply. This might also be a good fit for students looking to go into tobacco research. But hey, it's open to anyone. All scholarship applications will be reviewed by a tiny panel of judges to determine the one lucky sucker.

Applications are being accepted for only a week - until February 2nd, 5 pm EST. So hurry up already!

SRNT is in beautiful (and warm!) Austin Tx, Feb 21-24.

How to apply? Send an email to telling us in a few paragraphs why you are the best person to blog yr heart out from SRNT, the best person to give anyone interested in LGBT tobacco all the inside dope. Excessively long application emails will be read last. Please put BLOGGING SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION in your subject line.